Joel A. Tudman Ministries

Joel A. Tudman is a visionary, leader, husband, father, coach, and author. He is the
founder and senior pastor of THENETCHURCH.TV in Oklahoma City, OK. Joel is a
native of Mount Pleasant, Texas and attended Texas A&M Commerce and received a
bachelor degree in sports studies in health (BS) and master in health with a minor in
counseling. Joel has been preaching for 18 years and pastored his first church in Mount
Pleasant, TX.

In February 2005, he was hired by Oklahoma State University (OSU) to join the
Strength and Conditioning staff and started as a general strength and conditioning
coach working with the football team. Within two months he was promoted to football
team chaplain and life skills development/leadership coach. Joel is now the Director of
Player Development for the OSU Cowboy Football Team and still apart of the strength
and conditional staff. The objectives of the life skill/leadership sessions are to teach the
football players how to lead among their peers and in difficult situations. Joel has a
passion to reach male college and professional athletes because of the obstacles and
challenges that he has experienced personally. He has been extremely effective and
transformed the lives of many athletes and remains a mentor to some of the former
players and some whom are now in the national football league.

In 2006, while at Oklahoma State University, he began a campus ministry hosting mid-
week bible study services with college students. In 2008, Joel founded
THENETCHURCH.TV with 10 young college students. The ministry was founded on the
scripture Matthew 13:47 (NIV) “Again, the kingdom of heaven is like a dragnet cast into
the sea, and gather fish of every kind.” The vision of the ministry is to have individuals
come from all walks of life (e.g. the church and the un-churched).
Since the churches inception, the ministry has given to the community through different
outreach initiatives including Christmas in November, free gas give-a-ways, serving
inmates in corrections facilities on Thanksgiving Day, turkey give-a-ways, and hosting a
college fair for inner city high school students. Joel’s number one passion is preaching
and teaching about Jesus Christ to reach his generation bridging the gap between new
and old.

He lives in Oklahoma City with his wife, LaTasha Tudman and children and continues to
transform Oklahoma City with his leadership and ministry outreach efforts.