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Fast & pray. Heavenly father shower YOUR mercy on us, forgive all OUR sins (me, daughter, husband), Deliver my mind from all evil-unwanted thoughts. Touch-heal-clean our mind, body & soul. Break my husband’s heart completely to repent. Destroy all evil plans & his plans to hurt me. Keep my daughter healthy & happy, help her in study and give her wisdom-knowledge. Protect us from all evil- illness-infections. Provide me finance. Protect me at my job place, shower YOUR peace, Hide identity. IJN Amen

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Please pray for my partner and I as we are going through a tough time. That we grow in faith and love. That we seek God for guidance to get through this situation. Thank you.

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Please pray for my peace of mind and continue to strengthen my spiritual journey.

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Please pray for healing for a surgery that I have coming up this week. And pray God's blessings as he opens doors this year.

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Prayer Request Please pray for my; job situation, housing situation/victory in court, wisdom/understanding, and for a peaceful long life for me.Please pray for my marriage and relationship with my mate and our obedience to God. Thank you, Brandon

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Requesting prayer on behalf of my Uncle whose daughter passed away this morning from Lupus. Also requesting prayer for Co-worker whose cousin was murdered this morning. We know that God is an amazing God and makes not mistakes. To Go be all the Glory for the time we were able to spend with them.

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Prayer for Healing and Direction and Breakthrough. Thank You. God Bless

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Please pray that I get financial stability, my health, my children and grandchildren that the struggle and stress is something of the past .

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Thank you for praying. Seeking Gods divine intervention with raising our daughter with wisdom of God. Thanking God in advance for my healing and restoration. Trusting in the Lord to provided all of our needs. That God will help our family to pray more, worship more, read the bible more. God Bless you.

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please pray for me got into a car wreck

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